Keflavik Airport Transfer

When arriving at Keflavik Airport after a long flight or departing at 4am in the morning it is desirable to take a taxi which takes you directly to your destination. By taking advantage of our personal pick up service you cut valuable time. Our driver awaits upon your arrival, bearing a sign with your name, helps you with your luggage and drops you off at the door of your hotel/guesthouse. Don’t worry if the flight is delayed or premature, the driver has your flight number and will check with the airport. The price is fixed so you will never be overcharged.

Although taking the coach to Reykjavik is pretty straight forward it stops at virtually every hotel and guesthouse in Reykjavik before reaching the central station so it is time consuming and can be frustrating especially after a long day.

  • Duration: 45 min – 1 hour
  • Distance: 50 km / 31 mile
  • Price: kr. 15.000,- up to 4 passengers
  • Price: kr. 18.000,- 5-6 passengers

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Golden Circle

This is the most famous daytrip in Iceland. The tour is a collection of natural wonders and historical sites situated in the southwestern part of the country. The tour is considered an absolute must do when visiting Iceland for the first time. It includes Thingvellir a national park and a former parliament site, the spouting geysers in Haukadalur, Geysir and its smaller neighbour Strokkur which erupts every few minutes with spectacular blue water, the majestic waterfall Gullfoss (Golden Falls) and the volcanic crater lake, Kerid.

  • Duration: 5-5:30 hours
  • Distance: Approximately 250 km / 155 miles
  • Price: kr. 65.000,-  up to 4 passengers
  • Price: kr. 80.000,- 5-6 passengers

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Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal outdoors spa, located in a lava field 39 km from Reykjavik (about 13 km from Keflavik Airport). The lagoon’s warm seawater is rich in mineral salts, silica and blue green algae. To many visitors bathing in this surreal environment is the highlight of their visit to the Iceland. For more information about the Blue Lagoon facilities visit the Blue Lagoon Website.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 50 km
  • Price: kr.25.500,-  up to 4 passengers
  • Price: kr.30.000,- 5-6 passengers
    *Price does not include admission charge to the Blue Lagoon

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Reykjanes and Blue lagoon

Reykjanes (The Steamy Peninsula) is the name of the southwestermost tip of the country. The area is and looks very volcanic and barren. The most conspicuous are the old shield volcanoes and the crater rows, which most probably were created in historic times. The area is scarred with fissures, there is much thermal activity and the nearby, powerful high temperature area.

  • Duration: 5 -6 hours
  • Distance: 140 km
  • Price: kr.44.000,- up to 4 passengers
  • Price: kr.56.000,- 5-6 passengers

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Reykjavik Sightseeing

The Reykjavik Sightseeing tour includes a visit to Bessastadir the presidential residence, Hafnarfjördur a small town lying in the southern range of the capital, said to be inhabited by “hidden people”, places of historic and cultural interest, among them Árbæjarsafn Folk Museum, the Ásmundur Sveinsson Museum of Sculpture and the Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum, as well as the National Museum of Iceland. Depending on the customer’s interests the tour could also include the National Gallery of Iceland (Listasafn Íslands) situated by Tjörnin, a lake in the city centre and/or Reykjavik Art Museum.

Further options include a visit to Laugardalur, a parkland area in the heart of the city, complete with its own outdoor geothermal swimming pool, botanic garden, children’s zoo and small adventure park (summer only). In the city centre itself, the Port of Reykjavík and harbour area, Icelands parliament, the Althing and the ultra-modern City Hall, are just a few of the places well worth a visit.

The tour varies depending on what events are being offered in the city and on the customer’s interests. To explore what Reykjavik has to offer during your stay, please visit “Reykjavik Pure Energy” where you can find out all about art, culture, wining and dining, activities, accommodation and much more .

  • Duration: 1-3 hours.
  • Price: kr.8.000,- up to 4 passengers
  • Price: kr.10.500,- 5-6 passengers

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Reykjavík – Landeyjahöfn  – Reykjavík

A tour to and from Landeyjahöfn from where Herjólfur ferry sails to the Westman Islands. Information about the ferry’s schedules and prices.

  • Duration: 2 hours approx. (one way)
  • Distance: 135 km / 84 miles
  • Price:  Reykjavik – Landeyjahöfn kr.35.500,- up to 4 passengers only
  • Price:  Landeyjahöfn – Reykjavik kr.35.500,- up to 4 passengers only
  • kr. 5.000,- extra for including a visit to Seljalandafoss

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The Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis

Watching the northern lights is an unforgettable experience.

Within a few or perhaps no other place on earth, it is possible to see the northern lights in as much dignity as on an Icelandic autumn or winter night.

Icelandic Taxi offers a customized 2-4 hours Northern Lights Tour.

  • Minimum 4 passengers max. 6 passengers.
  • Duration: 2,5 to 3 hours
  • Sundays – Thursdays kr.5.500,- per passenger
  • Fridays and Saturdays kr.6.900,- per passenger

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